Bilingual World began in 1993 when its founder, previously a hotel manager, started working as editor/translator of “Newsletter”, the monthly bulletin on the Argentine economy distributed worldwide by the Argentine think-tank Fundación Mediterránea. Soon after that, he started working as a simultaneous interpreter in a number of international Cardiology congresses sponsored by the internationally famous Model Institute of Cardiology.

His success in both of these undertakings led him to create our Company, which now provides language services mainly in English (US and UK) and Spanish, but also in French, Portuguese and other languages if need arises, to local customers and leading translation agencies worldwide. These services include simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, voice-overs (dubbing), subtitling, transcription and translation of sound tracks, and the translation, proofreading and editing of all kinds of texts including scripts for plays, movies and TV shows.

We now possess a highly diversified team of professional translators, editors, linguists, interpreters and software experts who are on call 24/7 including freelancers and experts in CAT tools, sound and cinema, guaranteeing that our customers will receive a complete, prompt and timely service.

Our philosophy is to produce work of consistently high quality, placing a three-pronged emphasis on:

  • Ensuring reliability in the quality of our language products with regard to composition, presentation and above all the faithful reflection of the intended meaning of the source text (enabling us to produce polished and culturally accurate translations of even poor-quality originals).
  • Establishing moderate prices for our high-quality services, by international standards.
  • Complying rigorously with delivery dates, which are carefully calculated and tailored to our clients’ needs, before we make our deadline commitment.

Our prospective customers can rest assured that there will be permanent channels of communication with us so that they can apprise us of any new circumstances which might affect the conditions of our win-win working agreements, as well as enabling them to give us precious feedback on the translations and other tasks we perform for them.

Just as in today’s world no individual can cut him and/or herself off from surrounding society, no national culture can any longer afford to remain aloof and cut off from other cultures. We must learn to communicate with others both on and in “their terms”, if we intend to reap the maximum mutual benefit from such exchanges – hence our name and philosophy, “Bilingual World”.

We provide professional, fast and affordable human English/Spanish Translation & Interpreting services, available 24/7.

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