Small Meeting Interpreters

spanish legal translationSmall Meeting Interpretation is often referenced as “consecutive interpretation”.

Consecutive interpretation is where a speaker begins speaking and then pauses, waiting for the interpreter to interpret their statement into another language. When the interpreter is finished the speaker continues. This taking of consecutive turns, (speaker, interpreter, speaker, etc), is the reason that it is called “consecutive”. When using consecutive interpretation it is essential that the speaker does not speak too long without pausing, otherwise the interpreter may not be able to remember everything that was said and may have to interrupt the speaker or ask them to repeat themselves.

Our simultaneous conference interpreters are equally at home in both languages, English and Spanish.

There are approximately 106 million first-language and second-language spanish speakers.  Spanish is also an official language in 20 other countries, and it makes our interpretation service very popular among both English and Spanish speakers.

How much does a Spanish small meeeting interpreter cost? We charge daily rates for Spanish conference interpreters. However, we try and implement a flexible pricing policy to reflect our clients’ needs. In order to provide you with a quote we need to know where the conference will be held, when, the length, the subject matter, and what equipment will be provided.

We provide professional, fast and affordable human English/Spanish Translation & Interpreting services, available 24/7.

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